Before anyone knew that the World Trade Center would ever exist, Alan Feinberg knew that he wanted to be a fireman.  When this picture of Alan was taken, I wasn't a twinkle in anyone's eye yet, either.  I guess I met Alan seven or eight years later, when I was about five and he was thirteen.  Seven or eight years after that, the Twin Towers were completed.  Twenty seven years later, and a few minutes after Alan and several hundred other brave and selfless firemen rushed into the burning buildings to save people's lives, the World Trade Center collapsed.  Alan's mother and father, Sylvia and Harold Feinberg, are both over eighty, they've been married for more than fifty years, they live in my apartment complex, and they're the nicest people you could meet. 

This page wouldn't be part of the Starr's on Broadway website if I didn't refer to some of the E-Mails that I've been getting, and point out that we knew all about Bin Laden in 1993.  However,  instead of using all of our available resources to cut him off before he became powerful enough to do the damage he's now done, we instead allowed Kenneth Starr and his GOP friends to waste hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, and thousands of FBI working hours, investigating exactly how much oral gratification  Bill Clinton received.  Sylvia and Harold Feinberg, and Alan's wife and teenage son and daughter, are among several thousand families who will never be the same, for no reason that any of us could imagine. 

Please click on the link below to go to the website for the New York City Fire Department Widows' and Children's Fund, and please donate what you can to help the families of these truly extraordinary people.

When the human race is called upon to answer for itself, I'm confident that we'll be redeemed when we point to New York's bravest and say:  This too was Humanity!

  Eric Zaccar



Please click below to visit the official website for the New York City Fire Department Widows' and Children's Fund, and please be generous!





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