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You can listen to Scene by Scene audio from Starr's on Broadway, performed by the exceptional chameleon-like actors from our 1999 video production, if you click on any of the pictures or on the links below.  All of our scenes are under fifteen minutes long and they are all either single person monologues or two character vignettes. 



Scenario One:  Lenny  (2:23)

Scenario Two:  Monica Lewinsky & Ken Starr  (8:50)
Scenario Three:  Dick Nixon & Jack Kennedy  (13:32)
Scenario Four:  Harry Truman & the Glow Girl  (8:46)

Scenario Five:  Lenny  (2:48)
Scenario Six:  Dick Nixon & Ken Starr  (9:05)

Scenario Seven:  Founding Fathers Rodham & Jefferson  (8:03)

Scenario Eight: Ken Starr (2:08)

ACT TWO: Scenario Nine:  Monica Lewinsky  (5:30)
Scenario Ten:  Bill Clinton & Ken Starr  (11:08)
Scenario Eleven:  LBJ & the Unknown Soldier  (8:02)

Scenario Twelve: Ken Starr (2:32)
Scenario Thirteen: Monica Lewinsky & Bill Clinton (12:08)
Scenario Fourteen: Jack Kennedy & Bill Clinton (10:40)

Scenario Fifteen:  Lenny  (3:08)


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Tom Shillue as Kenneth, JFK, Harry & El BJ!

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Carl Kissin as Lenny, Dick, William Jefferson & Unknown Soldier!

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Natalie Blalock as Monica, MIchelle Peters as Glow Girl & Christie Klein as Hillary Rodham!

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